• Winn-Dixie wanted to grow its kosher category in over 200 stores, but despite efforts, sales and traffic didn’t increase as expected.
• The local community requested expanded kosher offerings. This was a huge opportunity for Winn-Dixie to use assortment as a
traffic driver and become the primary supermarket for everyone in the area.
• In order to fulfill their goal of winning every holiday (including Jewish holidays), Winn-Dixie needed a detailed merchandising plan


• Critically reviewed and assessed their assortment and pricing to
be more closely aligned with customer needs and category trends
•Researched the different store groups and suggested locations
and products based on the communities where stores are
located, their proximity to synagogues, and the cultural
background of their kosher consumers
• Improved seasonal merchandise assortment and promotional
activity during key Jewish holidays

KNi Results

Everyday Kosher Assortment

• After reviewing the assortment and planograms of the kosher aisles,
we noticed that the items missing were so key to the category that their
absence was actually driving customers to Winn-Dixie’s competition.
• KNi associates updated Winn-Dixie’s kosher specialty variety resulting
in a 150% category sales increase. They also worked to grow the
corporate brand kosher presence by 46% resulting in sales increases
in mainstream categories across the store.
• KNi associates designed and brought to life having a kosher store
within a mainstream supermarket.
• KNi associates provided training to over 100 stores and personally
connected stores to local Jewish communities, which resulted in
local sales growth. One store had a 10% increase in sales through
community outreach alone.
• KNi associates helped advertise the kosher offerings to other
religious groups looking for kosher certification as well as the health
conscious public that sees kosher as a quality stamp of approval.

Remodeled Stores

• During the remodeling process of the several Winn-Dixie stores, KNi
partnered with the local communities and surveyed their needs.
Working closely with them to make sure that their voice was heard
made the community feel a part of the newly remodeled stores.
• After identical customer baskets containing kosher items were
compared prior to the Grand Opening vs. post Grand Opening,
Winn-Dixie saw increases of up to 31% in frequency, 33% in dollars
and 23% in units sold.
• In one of the stores, baskets that included kosher items increased by
920% and 5.5% of all the baskets contained kosher items.
• Partial remodels were implemented as well. In one store, just converting
the regular bakery to a kosher bakery resulted in triple sales increase
• One of the stores ran an average 40% increase over prior year for the
entire year after the kosher remodel.