Founded by world-renowned Jewish food and lifestyle expert Jamie Geller, Kosher Network International is both a state of the art consumer insights firm and a soup-to-nuts custom content network that fuses traditional media with the latest in digital, mobile, social media, PR and live events.

Jamie Geller influences millions every day. If you want to create kosher products or to market to this growing consumer base, Jamie Geller and the experts at KNi are ready.


JG Media is a cross-platform, global network for kosher food, recipes, news and entertainment that influences over a million consumers every day…


KNi’s Insights division is a full-service kosher retail merchandising consulting firm that simplifies selling to the 12 million+ kosher consumer base…


Jamie Geller is in the process of developing branded kosher foods, holiday housewares, lifestyle merchandise…

Who we are

Led by industry experts, KNi brings top talent to our clients.

Jamie Geller is the “Queen of Kosher” (CBS) and the “Jewish Rachael Ray” (New York Times).